What's Next

Nicole's next project

Tentatively entitled "Maternal Instinct," Nicole's next project will be about how to protect children from toxins in their every day environment. It will begin with how Nicole avoided toxins or at least became aware of them, while she was pregnant with her daughter, Maya.


Some of the toxins involved in the documentary are electromagnetic fields, indoor air pollutants - like formaldehyde, BPA, asbestos and flame retardants, chemicals in household cleaning products, and artificial colors and flavors. 

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Wholistic maternal and newborn health

 I found out about this organization while I was pregnant because I needed a Doula and I didn’t have the money to hire one while I was pregnant. Debbie from the wholistic maternal and newborn health organization pointed me in the right direction as far as where I could go to give birth the way I wanted to and gave me a Doula who could work with my income. I wish that Jacqui would have had the support that I had while I was pregnant and even after I had my baby when she was pregnant with her daughter.